Ultimate gi repair

The Ultimate GI Repair

A Breakthrough in gut healing.

A SYNERGISTIC combination of BPC-157, Larazotide Acetate, KPV, Zinc Caronsine, Quercetin and Tributyrin to create a one of the most powerful gastrointestinal healing products on the market.

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What Customers Say

"BPC 157 and Ultimate GI Repair have played a huge part in my personal and clients healing journeys. I had severe gastrointestinal issues (leaky gut), that was driving severe gut symptoms like IBS and further driving neurological and psychological issues. I have now healed my gut and no longer experience those symptoms, and have experienced the.magic of how these products speed up/assist in the healing process and re-sensitization of hormones/neurotransmitters. I now use this as a staple part of my clients gut, injury and post surgery protocols, and seeing the same results in them too. It's as close to magic in a pill as you'll get. "

Jordan B

Ultimate GI Repair

"My experience with BPC-157 has been amazing!.. Within a week i noticed huge change. It's so amazing, that I almost cannot believe it. Cured tendinitis twice and helping with knee pain where I have had 50% of my meniscus removed. "

Scott P


"GI Repair changed my life to be honest. I suffer from polyps syndrome and have had over 100 polyps in about 12months taken out and suffer from IBS. GI Repair normalises everything and i have zero stomach pain when taking it which is awesome "

Corey J

Ultimate GI Repair

"I was skeptical of this product because I’d tried heaps of different gut supplements before that didn’t work, but after using GI Repair for only 3 days I noticed a huge difference in my reflux and bloating! The issue is completely fixed now! Thank you guys!"

Joseph F.

Ultimate GI Repair

"I’ve personally used LVLUP’s BPC157 to help me get back into exercise. As someone with Lyme disease, I’ve tried many things to improve my health, yet exercise intolerance has still been a constant struggle, until BPC that is. Vastly improved recovery times, reduced DOMs, some extra muscle and I haven’t had a ‘crash’ since!"

Tanya K


"I love this product. I haven’t had an upset belly in weeks. Most of my pain is also gone which I wasn’t expecting. So so good!"

Molly D.


"Great product. Highly recommend. Quick turnaround time on orders."

Scott M

Ultimate GI Repair

"I used to get a lot of pain and discomfort after certain foods, but I can even enjoy dairy now!!!"

Estelle T

Ultimate GI Repair

"Wheat, dairy and a many other foods no longer effect me! This is awesome because they used to cause me so much pain and bloating, and now, nothing!! Soo happy!"

Lauren V.

Ultimate GI Repair

"Have actually been using BPC157 for a few years due to number of different injuries. Its so great to finally find a reputable company. Keep up the good work guys."

Chris F


"I used BPC157 multiple times with success. "Tennis elbow" and bicep tenodesis surgery recovery as well. It was my only medicine for my complete recovery. The pain difference was absolutely amazing."

Mike W


Needed to leave a review 🙏🏼 BPC-157 Regenerate & Ultimate GI Repair have changed my life ! I’ve been on & off for a while now but I forgot how good I felt on it .. My muscle recovery is insane!!! & my bad knees/ RSI in wrist are so much better ! I love the gut health support too! I just feel healthier on it & can train harder 🙏🏼💪🏼💃🏼

Kiaya M

Re-Generate, Ultimate GI Repair

Just thought I’d share my rehab journey with you all. I suffered a bad impingement injury whilst boxing and weight training on a regular basis. During my rehabilitation before uncovering BPC-157 I had seen a well known Chinese Accupunture practitioner 6 times, went to a Physio 3 times, had a cortisone injection under ultra sound and, got a Sport’s Masseuse to work on it with dry needling multiple times and I still had next to 0 results from all of the above. . . Before starting BPC-157, I had 5% strength in the shoulder, after finishing a 30 day dose I now have 85% strength and have made amazing progress! . It’s a little crazy saying this but I genuinely hold BPC 100% accountable for healing me to date!! Thanks for such an amazing product, I will be restocking and going again for another 30days to bring the shoulder to 100% 🙏🏽

Rushad P


Tudca powder


Used for centuries in Chinese medicine. TUDCA is a potent bile salt that helps improve bile flow and has been shown to have potential far reaching benefits for liver and whole body health.


What Practitioners Say

"It’s amazing to see BPC157 so readily available! I used this product to heal a medial meniscus tear that I had for over 3 years. Within a week of using this product, I could literally no longer feel that clicky pain in my knee. Even after stopping for a week, the pain is completely gone. I hate using this word, but it has been a miracle for me."

Lucas Aoun

@ergogenic_health | Naturopath, Biohacker, Health optimisation expert

"GI Repair is the closest thing to a magic pill you can get”, this is how I explain Ultimate GI Repair to clients with IBD, gut permeability, or autoimmunity. This supplement has become the cornerstone supplement for gut repair with my clients! Regenerate uses the ‘wolverine peptide’, and that’s truly how you feel when you take it. A staple for all of my intense trainers, and athletes, regen transforms your recovery, while improving digestion simultaneously!"

Jake Doleschal

@coach_jakedoleschal | Health & Nutrition Coach

LVLUP has extremely high quality supplements that are not available anywhere else. Their main product Ultimate GI Repair is the most effective all-in-one gut healing supplement on the market, containing BPC-157 alongside a synergistic combination of other compounds. I also regularly use their TUDCA, Magnesium Threonate and Hista-Resist with myself and clients.

Charley O'Hallaran

@holisticguthealth | Holistic Gut Health Coach

Bpc 157 supplement

The 'Wolverine' Peptide

Heal Like Wolverine With BPC-157

A synergistic blend of highly orally bio-available BPC-157 (as Arginine Salt) with Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Sodium Bicarbonate (Stomach acid buffer/Peptide absorption enhancement) to deliver superior full body regeneration.


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