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Akkermansia muciniphila (AKK) is a keystone bacterial strain found in our gastrointestinal tract that has been getting a lot of attention and focus due to several studies linking it to leanness, as well as blood sugar control and resistance to obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

In a healthy person, AKK should account for a large percentage of intestinal bacteria. Due to lifestyle factors, pesticides, diet and antibiotic use this highly important species may now be low in many individuals.

Akkermansia may benefit us mostly through its ability to consume and produce mucus, strengthening the walls of our intestines and thus improving gut health. AKK by LVLUP Health not only includes an industry-high 1-Billion TFUs of the XOBTM -255 Akkermansia muciniphila species, but it also contains a blend of polyphenolic compounds - apple pectin, chokeberry, and cranberry - all of which have been shown in studies to promote the growth of Akkermansia.

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