LVLUP Health has revolutionised the supplement industry and taken it by storm by providing the world's most advanced, science backed practitioner-grade supplements and supplement formulations that WORK and deliver outstanding results! By combining the most efficacious, highest quality therapeutic peptides with advanced nutritional actives and naturopathic herbal extracts, LVLUP provide products bridge multiple health modalities to deliver the most efficacious and beneficial products for their customers and partitioners.The key focus and intention of LVLUP Health is to deliver formulations and products to support the bodies innate ability to heal - no matter where you are in your health journey, our products will help lvlup your health and lvlup your life!

Founded by Kyal Van Der Leest, nutritionist and naturopath.  Kyal, at the time of LVLUP’s inception in 2020, was a young 27-year old working in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Centre and a Health food and Supplement Store.
Kyal’s passion for formulating came from having tried almost everything available on the market for patients in the HBOT clinic, and for customers in one of the busiest and largest supplement stores in the state, and from his own experimentation as a young enthusiastic biohacker and health nut who prided himself on always being up on the latest and best in natural healing and medicine, 

He began learning about the healing power of peptides and other unique natural compounds from the clinic and self experimented and was amazed at how well they work and the numerous benefits they offer…  yet Kyal kept running into the same old problem.

There was basically no one producing the peptides and natural compounds he wanted - Kyal grew sick of having to take 6-8 different products to get the actives he wanted, and also was frustrating at all the additional costs and waiting times to importing the expensive raws them from overseas, and also the risk and worry of them not making to him at all..  

He grew very tired of it very fast. But what could be done… No one was selling the products he was after. And then the light bulb moment happened.

"Why don't i just try and make my own?"

And so that’s what he did! 

Driven by an obsession to improve people’s health and get much needed compounds and supplements onto the market. We did everything it took to get our idea off the ground and into reality - done in the best and most honest way possible.

And so it began..

After many months of seeking the highest quality ingredients and experimenting he came up with our first hero and flagship product, Regenerate! 
Sales started rolling in and most importantly amazing testimonials from people who were using our products.

And the rest as they say, is history.

Since then we have gone onto create many more products (and have many more on the way)

Have garnered the approval and praise of many of the worlds top health and biohacking figures, as well as now being stocked worldwide in doctors offices, naturopathic dispensaries and clinics, health-food and supplement stores

This success is not by change - LVLUP always ensuring all products are made to the highest possible quality and we continue to create the most unique, clinically relevant and scientifically validated supplements on the market.

We care deeply about improving people’s health.

And as health practitioners (and biohackers) we truly believe nature has all the answers to whatever disease, impairment, ailment or condition you are dealing with and we have now made it our mission to utilise this awesome power to help you to LVLUP your health and LVLUP your life.

Kyal Van Der Leest

LVLUP Health Founder - Kyal Van Der Leest

Kyal is a qualified Nutritionist and Naturopath with an obsession for health, fitness, functional medicine and human optimisation!
Having worked in Health Food Stores, Gyms and Medical Clinics, Kyal has always been in the health field and has seen almost everything there is to see from varing perspectives - performance in the Gym, general health in the supplement store, and chronic illness at the medical clinic. Using this experience and his passion for supplementation and wellness, Kyal formulates LVLUP's products to serve very distinct purposes. Using only ingredients that scientifically and mechanistically makes sense, and what he knows WORKS from self-trial and self-experimentation so you can get the results that you pay for and expect!