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The BEST full spectrum Red Light Therapy PBM panels

- 630nm, 670nm + 830/850nm wavelength light

- High Irradiance/Power

- low flicker

- low EMF

- Available worldwide

+ also sell excellent Blue light blocking glasses

EMR-TEK (20% off)

Therasage - Thera360 Portable Full Spectrum Sauna + Ozone Icebath

Sauna| Detoxification | low-emf | full spectrum | ICE BATH

The BEST Full Spectrum Infrared PORTABLE SAUNA tent - same full spectrum heat + PBM as large wooden saunas at a fraction the cost + much more convenient and portable.

- Full Spectrum InfraRed Frequencies
- Includes Near to Far Infrared
-Advanced EMF Remediation
-Negative Ion Bio-Tech
-No VOC's + No Off-Gassing
-Advanced EMF, ELF, & RF Remediation
- Red Light therapy panels inside
- Available worldwide

+ Therasage sell great Air-Purifiers, Water-Filters, Ozone generators, PBM/Red light therapy, Icebath/cold plunge pools and more...

Use code: LVLUP for 20% off